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Examine Hard Drive

Provides wide range of recovery software to restore permanently deleted files, folders, etc.

Data Backup Software

Allows archiving of data from different platforms to the local system.

Free File Viewer

A quick way of viewing into several types of files independent of supported applications.

Email Client & Server Migration

Softwares will convert, migrate files to several format across different platforms.

Audio / Video Software

A vast collection of software which we can edit, convert Audio/Video files.

Cloud Solutions

Backup and protect the data from cloud by using the vast range of software from malware attacks.

Product Categories

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data recovery

Examine Data

Recover the permanently deleted data, files without any corruption.

Data Recovery

Examine Backup

Takes the backup of different applications & recover the original content of data when the data is lost.

Data Recovery

Examine Email Client

Displays wide variety of documents in one application.

Data Recovery

Examine Cloud

Move and store the data from one environment to another without lossing any quality.

Data Recovery

Examine File Viewer

Perfectly stores & backup bulk of data in cloud database without any issues.