Terms of Use

Xaminer™ retains certain terms for the users who use the site. Here we have mentioned the terms and conditions which a user has to keep in mind and obey them before proceeding with the website. If any kind of violation occurs on the user's end, then the user will be restricted to continue in the website. Also, legal actions will be taken against the accused.

Terms & Services

Xaminer™ is a registered reseller organization which has all the copyrights of the products it offers. The organization has all the copyrights to the images, videos, content and tools that are offered on the website. The images present in this website may not be reproduced in any form without prior consent from the organisation. Any kind of violation to content, images, videos or products will be unacceptable. Xaminer™ possesses complete rights to take legal action against the involved individual or organization.

Briefing Terms & Conditions Violation Actions

Any kind of violation of the conditions will not be entertained. In this cases, the organization will take the given actions.


The website contains information about the products that are offered. The products conform to the mentioned specifications and properties. The company is not responsible for damage of software that happens during the downloading process. Thus, cannot be held liable for any such damage.

Communication Ways

The user can reach out using any communication medium like email, call, live chats. By communicating with us using these means, it implies that you consent to receive communication using the same mediums thereafter.